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        BEST MOZZ is the ultimate Italian culinary experience that you will love at first bite! Master Mozzarella Chef Joe will take you on a trip through the heart of Italy's historic, cultural and culinary way of life.


BEST MOZZ is a story of tradition, heritage and fine artisanal cheeses. At BEST MOZZ, we are committed to bringing you fresh hand-made Mozzarella, Burrata, and Ricotta made with the finest ingredients. Chef Joe brings a whole new meaning to the art of handmade Mozzarella with his signature MOZZA-ROLL-A stuffed with a variety of creative and unique blends.

BEST MOZZ is based in Staten Island, New York. Chef Joe has over 40 years of experience in hand-rolling creative and traditional style recipes. To be a master of the craft is to hone your discipline and live with passion. These well-kept recipes are created on-site for private


The Chef

venues, parties, weddings, and corporate events,  Allow us to customize your culinary experience! Much like the Italian

artisans, who traveled the countryside spreading their recipes and heritage to others, our love of cheese has kept us moving in the same tradition, willing to travel to share our gift of cheese-making. There is hardly a city on the east coast that has not tried our wonderful gift.


There is a saying in the old country “Provare il meglio della vita,” which means, “experience the best of life”. Giving testament to the truth that while you're here, you have a responsibility to do so. Live exquisitely, and try this unique and memorable culinary experience with your guests and family.

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