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Each platter is served on a 12” tray, which can feed 6-8 people, unless otherwise stated. Since our products are made to order, we may be able to adapt our ingredients to meet your needs.

Please let us know of any food allergies you or your guests may have upon your order.


Choose from an array of Chef Joe's original culinary Mozzarella creations. 


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MOZZA-ROLL-A Station (Per Platter)

This is the signature creation of BEST MOZZ' s Master Chef Joe. It is mozzarella stuffed with a variety of unique blends. The MOZZA-ROLL-A is a delicious appetizer, meal or dessert depending on what is stuffed on the inside. All MOZZA-ROLL-A creations are exclusively handmade and are customized to the individual's palate and event.  

Charcuterie Meat |   $120.00

Fruit & Vegetable  |   $100.00

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BURATTA Station (Per Person)

Burrata is its own, very special type of cheese. Burrata literally means "buttered" which refers to its rich flavor.  At first glance, it might look similar to a fresh ball of mozzarella, but what sets it apart is what's on the inside! The fresh ball of mozzarella is stuffed with Chef Joe's fresh ricotta and other secret ingredients. It is the perfect appetizer and it can also be served over arugula salad and baby greens with customized toppings (roasted peppers, honey, walnuts, balsamic glaze). Customized toppings are an available option. 


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Fresh RICOTTA (Per Person)

Fresh Ricotta is an Italian cheese, creamy and white in appearance, and has a light and airy texture and a slightly sweet taste. Fresh Ricotta can be served as an appetizer or dessert, thanks to Chef Joe's innovative creativity.  For events, it is served in a martini glass. Customized toppings are an available option.



A diverse range of flavorful cheese dishes which are all sourced daily and locally.

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Made with fresh mozzarella, thick-sliced ripe tomatoes, and fresh basil, dressed or topped with extra virgin olive oil and ChefJoe's special blend of seasonings. This recipe is simple yet guaranteed to impress your guests.


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Bocconcini are delightful little morsels of fresh mozzarella. They are bite-size mozzarella balls cherished for their creamy texture and mild. milky flavor. They are the most requested appetizer at every event! (Bet you can't eat just one!)


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Knot NODINI Platter

Nodini mozzarella refers to it's unique knot-like shape.  The mozzarella is stretched and shaped into little knots that remain glossy and beautifully smooth. Taste them on their own or pair with fresh vegetables and cured meats and enjoy the experience. 


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Mini-braids TRECCIOLINA platter 

Treccia, meaning Braid in Italian is the shape of this traditional mozzarella.  The cheese is stretched into long strips and then braided while it is still warm. It is beautifully done by Chef Joe the old-fashioned way.


Chef's Choice


Prosciutto and Figs  |  Chicken Parm  |  Buffalo Chicken  |  Sausage and Broccoli Rabe

Hot and Spicy  |  Meatlovers  |  Eggplant Parm  |  Arugula & Cranberry  |  Pesto

   Sundried Tomatoes | Roasted Peppers  |  Artichokes

Custom personalized combinations are available upon request.

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